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Foundation, Walls, And The Best Version of You

What does the word "home" mean to you? Cozy? Perhaps it's a place that you feel safe or comfortable in.

Now I want you to think about yourself. Do you feel cozy in your current mindset or your everyday routine? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Can you trust yourself to the point that no matter what, you feel safe trying something new or out of your bubble because you have confidence in yourself to do so?

If not, that's completely okay! Today I am going to teach you the importance of building from the ground up, and show you how without a strong self loving foundation, it can feel literally impossible to achieve anything.

Self Love (Foundation)

Self care and appreciation are the foundation of your home. Without a strong foundation it is very hard to want and achieve building skills for yourself, and even more a weak foundation has the high chance of everything above it tumbling down on top of it.

To build a strong concrete foundation you must know how to practice self care and appreciation for yourself on a daily basis. Once you have mastered those practices you won't even have to think twice before doing something out of your comfort zone. You will find yourself wanting a challenge to help build up your skills instead of avoiding them.

If you are interested in building up a strong foundation please consider giving my Self-Care Package a try. As of this moment it is a completely FREE set of 1 on 1 online coaching sessions. I will work with you until you have achieved a strong foundation. That's a promise.

Removing Rubble (Walls)

Have you ever tried swimming against the current in a river? If so, how difficult was it? If not, don't sweat it because I think we can all understand that swimming against the current is much harder than swimming with it. Now I want you to imagine swimming against the current with a large thick winter coat, steel toed boots, and a backpack full of rocks. You're probably thinking now that's about impossible and you are most likely right.

You see the thing is that most of us are trying to achieve our goals while swimming against the current, and even some of us are trying to do it with the wrong gear on.

Removing Rubble is all about getting rid of the anchors in your life that are holding you down. It's about knowing what is good for you and what is bad for you and choosing the good every single time. Once you have the tools to break free and predict the best stream to take towards your goals, you'll be able to achieve much more at an easier and more manageable pace.

If Removing Rubble is something you think would most likely benefit from please check out one of my latest sets of 1 on 1 coaching session packages available that is specifically tailored to just that. It's 100% FREE and I promise to work with you on mastering this skill until you feel comfortable to do it all on your own. I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't keep to my promise so please don't hesitate and sign up today!

Your Potential & The Best You

The last piece that makes a home a home is the roof above. Some are flat and others are steep. Your roof resembles your potential, and the peak of it is your full potential A.K.A. the best version of yourself. It takes all the pieces of the puzzle to reach the peak, to touch the sky, to be at your highest and most significant point in life. We all strive to get there one day, to look back at all the hard work we put in and say we did it. The last and final package I am currently offering is a unique one. I want to help you achieve a personal goal of yours no matter what it may be. It can be something completely normal like wanting to save money or losing weight. It can also be personal like how to be the best Fortnite player or how to become better at playing the piano. I will also always accept a great weird request like how to get better in bed because, well.. those are always a good way to mix things up. Whatever you want to do I will do my absolute best to get you there as long as you are willing to work with me on it the entire journey.

If you are ready to finally take that step to accept help to reach that goal you've always wanted to achieve but just have always put it off I highly suggested signing up for the Personal Achievement Package. I love helping others succeed and so I would be letting myself down if I didn't put my all into helping you get there. Sign up and start making that change now!

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